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Doing things better!

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Targeted social media adverts designed and created for your business. Working with one of the biggest social ads companies globally to maximise success of your campaigns

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Utlising the latest automation programmes we ensure your prospect, member and past clients recieve the perfect end to end client journey

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Take the pain away from managing your organic social media activity. Leaving you just the fun, onsite activities to post

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Don't miss a lead! we call ALL new enquiries to get their appointments booked. Take pressure off your teams and ensure quality leads turn into bookings

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Building Website that generate leads and develop brands. Working with our partners we will design a winning website for your business as well as your promotion landing pages

Done for you "Organic" Social Media

Let us take the stress and strain of creating regular, engaging Social media for your business.

Leaving you to just add the fun, localised activity.

The FitLeads System

The system that allows you to bring all your sales functions into 1 place

- Create high-performing landing pages

- Create Funnels for members, prospects, trials

- Create re-activation campaigns

- Pull Facebook, Instagram and Google business messaging into one place

- Manage your reviews and reputation

- Multi-platform social posting including Facebook, Instagram, X and Google business

- Diary booking

- Memberships and community groups

- Full CRM system

Save on have multiple programmes

Clickfunnels £97 per month

Mailchimp £17 per month

Activcampaign £149 per month

Website management £49 per month

Calendly and booking system £14 per month

CRM £69 per month

Linktree£5 per month

What's different?

We are personal!

The same applies with our marketing solutions as it does with our consultancy. We believe the every business is difefrent and every business therefore required a personal touch. We work with you 1-1 to support your business and help you maximise results.

Ads creation, placement and management

We will create your ad design and ensure it's placed effectively to maximise the results. Due to our world wide partner you get the best performing ads from over 1000 clubs

Other marketing Channels

Because we are a consultancy business with over 25 years of fitness industry experience, we are able to show you how to maximise your marketing by not just focusing on social media. Lets created a well rounded plan


We will plug you into our ready made set of automations to allow your business to manage the leads we generate automatically behind the scenes. Increasing the exposure of your business to potential clients

Landing pages and Websites

We Will build and show you how tio build your own landing pages so that you can take advantage of all your offers and activities whether they are external adverts or internal promotions.

We even have the facilities for our systens to take up front payments for your promotions, preventing the need t o re-route to your CRM or payment platform

Organic Social media

Now, we know how hard it is to maintain a regular presence on social media. So we take that challenge away and ensure the only posts you need to do is are to celebrate the fun hapening on site. Now we can't place a member of staff at your club to take the content but with your support and our thousands of templates we can produce a monthly calender the drives engagement an supports you amazing on site activity

Ryan Charlesworth

Owner of FitLeads and Black Raccoon Consulting

I am the Managing Director of Black Raccoon Consulting and an expert connector. A fitness business and gym consultancy that offers personalised solutions to help generate success for Independent gyms Franchise club, Hotel gyms and leisure trusts.

Personalized Pathways to Success

Driven by a commitment to your growth, we equip you with the precise tools and unwavering support essential to thrive in an intensely competitive landscape.

Our mission extends beyond mere strategy and advice; we're dedicated to imparting the skills vital for your evolution and ascension.

Boasting over 25 years of rich industry involvement with Hotels, Franchises, and Independent fitness establishments, we bring to the table an arsenal of proven strategies, ensuring your triumphant journey.

Our steadfast belief lies in an intimate 1-1 engagement with business proprietors, delving deep to comprehend your distinct aspirations and challenges. Such in-depth understanding paves the way for solutions tailored exclusively for you.

At the heart of our endeavors is a singular focus: YOUR brand, YOUR vision.

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